Financial Planning

Financial Planning Services in Austin, TX

I would like to help you navigate the financial planning seas so that you can live the life you want. I serve those who are surviving busy lives – from doctors to attorneys, IT pros to hard working business professionals and successful entrepreneurs and business owners.  I help them learn to financially thrive. Your financial plan may be unique, and it may not look like anybody else’s, but it’s yours. Let’s get started planning to live well.


FREE Consultation

Before we decide to work together, let’s chat about what your financial circumstances and goals are. I’ll give you my honest feedback about where you are with regard to your goals and if I think I can help you achieve them. You’ll have the chance to get to know me and decide if I’m the right partner to help you.


Wealth Management Services

Our Wealth Management service (financial planning-based investment management) starts with a series of in-depth conversations. Following these conversations, we develop an investment policy statement and review it with you to ensure it reflects your needs. This vital document sets the foundation for how we allocate your assets between various investment classes. Using your investment policy statement as a guide, we proceed to develop a plan for you and your family that identifies the specific investment criteria and strategies we will utilize on your behalf. Your unique plan is based on our careful review of available investment options, taxation, costs, risk and of course, expected performance.


Comprehensive Financial Planning

This is the part where we get into all the details of your financial life. Typical stuff like your employee benefits, educational goals for your children, and estate planning. We also talk about the fun stuff, like your desire to collect vintage Vespas, buy a beach house, or climb all the fourteeners in Colorado, and how I can help you accomplish these goals. Financially, that is. I can’t actually help you with the climbing part.

When this piece of your financial plan is complete you will have a road map for achieving both your short and long-term goals by maximizing and wisely using the assets you have available to you.

Once we’ve established your plan, we move on to part two, where I work closely with you to put that plan into action.


Ongoing Financial Coaching and Monitoring

Life has this crazy way of surprising us in good ways, and sometimes bad ways, too. So a financial plan can’t be looked at as a static document. It’s a guide that’s meant to flex and bend with your circumstances. This is why I don’t just hand you a financial plan and call you next year. I continue to work with you on a monthly basis to help you stay on target to achieve your goals. I coach you through adjustments to your plan when the winds change course.

What you can expect when you work with me:

  • Ongoing, honest feedback
  • Help building great financial habits that will propel you toward your goals
  • Availability. Just shoot me an email.
  • Great service.
  • No conflicts of interest. I don’t get paid for selling any products.

 Our Primary Services Include:

  • Financial Planning
  • Portfolio Management
  • Retirement & Income Planning
  • Investment Analysis & Advisory
  • Tax Analysis & Tax-Reduction Planning
  • Estate, Legacy & Retirement Planning
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Private & Public REIT Analysis and Advisory
  • Direct Commercial Real Estate Analysis and Advisory

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Сore values and our advantages

We Are A Fiduciary

We Are A Fiduciary

Our services are offered through Shorebreak Capital, LLC., A Registered Investment Advisor, which abides by a strict fiduciary standard, always acting in the best interest of our clients. Mr. Bourgeois is Principal of Shorebreak Capital, LLC.
A man that can help you with financial planning services in Austin, TX

A man that can help you with financial planning services in Austin, TX

We are compensated for our services by advisory and portfolio management fees only,  eliminating potential conflicts of interest and offering investment and financial planning solutions with 100% transparency.

We Help You Achieve Your Goals

We Help You Achieve Your Goals

In the end, it’s all about reaching goals. We focus on our clients’ goals and give them true consideration and thorough recommendations.