Blue Pacific Wealth Management is an investment firm founded in 2005 by Bryan Bourgeois focused on serving clients in Austin, TX and South Florida.  The firm is structured as an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) and is a fiduciary.  Bryan Bourgeois, Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager, has experience investing across a wide spectrum of asset classes, investment strategies, market sectors, market cycles and industries. This spectrum includes, but is not limited to, domestic and foreign equity and debt securities, fixed-income, commodities, commercial real estate, REITs, DSTs, and private equity.  The firm utilizes trading systems, algorithms and other proprietary strategies developed by Bryan Bourgeois that invests in a wide spectrum of asset classes and individual securities to potentially deliver strong returns in any market.

In addition to specialized asset management, Bryan constructs and manages customized balanced and diversified portfolios for both growth and income designed according to your specific investment goals, risk tolerance and time horizon.

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Market Update 3/17/20

Markets have closed below their respective supports yesterday and as well as this morning, but markets are now above this critical support. As of 3:49pm EST, markets are up 5%+. 10 more minutes to go! So what happened this week so far? The Federal Reserve attempted to calm markets on Sunday, but this was an utter failure, with markets opening up on
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Fed to buy stocks?

On March 6th, Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren said in a speech, “We should allow the central bank to purchase a broader range of securities or assets. Such a policy, however, would require a change in the Federal Reserve Act.” Since lowering interest rates and introducing more QE may not be enough to keep the economy and stock market from imploding if
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Market Volatility Reminds Investors To Rethink Their Asset Allocation

With markets in flux, now is an opportune time to consider the following institutional investment funds that can provide you with a variety of benefits, including gaining access to institutionally-managed funds and assets that have proven track records, low volatility and low correlation to the stock market.  Here is the list of funds you should consider to enhance your portfolio diversification and
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Who We Serve

Bryan Bourgeois, Principal and Chief Investment Office of Blue Pacific Wealth Management, Inc., serves the following clients:

  • Individual investors that wish to create or update their retirement and financial plan and implement tax-saving strategies for income, investments and estate planning.
  • Individual investors that are seeking professional money management and financial planning of their investments and retirement plans.
  • Individual investors that are interested in diversifying their portfolio with high-quality institutional investments.
  • Individual investors that are managing a life event, such as a job promotion, sale of their company, divorce, or loss of a loved one.
  • Doctors, attorneys, engineers, professionals, corporate executives and business owners looking to preserve and grow their capital.
  • Businesses that sponsor retirement, pension and profit-sharing plans.
  • High-net-worth individuals and family offices.
  • Individuals that have or are expected to receive an inheritance or other lump sum of capital.

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We Are A Fiduciary

We Are A Fiduciary

Our services are offered through Shorebreak Capital, LLC., A Registered Investment Advisor, which abides by a strict fiduciary standard, always acting in the best interest of our clients. Mr. Bourgeois is Principal of Shorebreak Capital, LLC.

We Do Not Sell Investment Products or Charge Commissions

We Do Not Sell Investment Products or Charge Commissions

We are compensated for our services by advisory and portfolio management fees only,  eliminating potential conflicts of interest and offering investment and financial planning solutions with 100% transparency.

We Help You Achieve Your Goals

We Help You Achieve Your Goals

In the end, it’s all about reaching goals. We focus on our clients’ goals and give them true consideration and thorough recommendations.

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