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The firm specializes in working with:


  • Individuals that are seeking or recently sold their business.
  • Individuals that received or need to manage an inheritance or lump-sum of wealth.
  • Individuals and/or married couples looking to build a strong financial foundation for retirement.
  • Men and women that are going through or have recently gone through a divorce.
  • Doctors, attorneys, engineers, professionals, corporate executives and business owners looking to preserve and grow their capital.
  • Businesses that sponsor retirement, pension and profit-sharing plans.
  • Domestic and international family offices, wealth funds and endowments.
  • High-net-worth individuals


Monthly Economic Newsletter & Investment Insights

Much has been made of President Trump’s expectation to implement his pro-growth agenda, which certainly contributed to the run-up in equities starting immediately after the election.  However, recent market strength seems to result more from positive corporate earnings than anything else, which, on balance, is a more essential driver of equity returns.  Furthermore, the Trump administration has yet to produce specifics about
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Yield Spread Is Tightening – High Yield Bonds Are Overpriced

The yield curve is showing rising short term rates, indidating a move to a risk-off sentiment where investors have reduced prospects for potential growth in equities. In addition, the High Yield Bond Spread is in consolidation, which is healthy, but it usually gets strained at these levels, especially since high yield bonds are trading at overly optimistic valuations. />
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Investment Insight

If you have ever visited an Emerging Market country, you may have two reactions: one of a struggling people with no hope and the other of a world of potential opportunities. Emerging Markets have had more than enough headwinds over the last few years, resulting from investor mentality to lean towards the “no hope” version of the EM world rather than the
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Bryan J. Bourgeois, President of Blue Pacific Wealth Management, Inc., is a Portfolio Manager and Advisor to US & International High Net Worth Individuals, Families & Entities.


Сore values and our advantages

We Are A Fiduciary

We Are A Fiduciary

Our services are offered through Shorebreak Capital, LLC., A Registered Investment Advisor, which abides by a strict fiduciary standard, always acting in the best interest of our clients. Mr. Bourgeois is Principal of Shorebreak Capital, LLC.

We Do Not Sell Investment Products or Charge Commissions

We Do Not Sell Investment Products or Charge Commissions

We are compensated for our services by advisory and portfolio management fees only,  eliminating potential conflicts of interest and offering investment and financial planning solutions with 100% transparency.

We Help You Achieve Your Goals

We Help You Achieve Your Goals

In the end, it’s all about reaching goals. We focus on our clients’ goals and give them true consideration and thorough recommendations.