Portfolio management


Blue Pacific Wealth Management provides a variety of high-quality equity, fixed-income and asset allocation portfolios, including:

Growth Portfolio

Dividend Portfolio

Accelerated Small Cap Portfolio

Growth REIT Portfolio

Income REIT Portfolio

ETF & Mutual Fund Asset Allocation Portfolio

Macro-Global Hedge Fund Strategy

To view more detailed information on these specific portfolio types, please visit www.StrategicStockInvestor.com.

Сore values and our advantages

We Are A Fiduciary

We Are A Fiduciary

Our services are offered through Shorebreak Capital, LLC., A Registered Investment Advisor, which abides by a strict fiduciary standard, always acting in the best interest of our clients. Mr. Bourgeois is Principal of Shorebreak Capital, LLC.
We Do Not Sell Investment Products or Charge Commissions

We Do Not Sell Investment Products or Charge Commissions

We are compensated for our services by advisory and portfolio management fees only,  eliminating potential conflicts of interest and offering investment and financial planning solutions with 100% transparency.

We Help You Achieve Your Goals

We Help You Achieve Your Goals

In the end, it’s all about reaching goals. We focus on our clients’ goals and give them true consideration and thorough recommendations.

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